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Basement Waterproofing in Utica, Ohio

Waterproofed Poured Concrete Waterproofed Poured Walls

Foundations Plus in Utica, Ohio, is a full-service concrete contractor that has served the basement waterproofing needs of residential, industrial, and commercial clients in Central Ohio since 1978. Leaks in your basement walls can cause severe damage to your foundation; attract harmful insects; cause mold, mildew and musty odors; and potentially cost you many thousands of dollars in repairs.

As a full-service poured concrete contractor, we do it all from beginning to end: excavation, poured walls, basement waterproofing, tile and gravel placement, and backfilling.

Let the professionals at Foundations Plus treat your basement walls with the highest quality spray-on, warrantied basement waterproofing applications for great results…and the peace of mind you deserve.

We’re the experts at helping you enjoy:

  • A Dry Basement
  • A Healthier Living Space
  • The Knowledge that Your Property Is Structurally Sound

What Our Customers Are Saying:


“Many thanks! I was pleased with the professional work done by your company and the subcontractors...all great, hardworking people.”

- Fred Dailey

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